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Georgios Afxentiou Research Laboratory Ltd provides seminars to professionals. It collaborates with businesses to design and present customized training sessions to individuals and teams. The collaboration with the management of businesses produces valuable and productive outcomes. Our team's expertise and knowledge serve as a cornerstone for business success.

Present Seminars

1. Infusion of an innovation strategy in the organization design of a business  (12 hours)

* Design of an innovation strategy 

* Develop the organization design of a business

* Identify products and services that have high possibilities of sales and profitability on the market

* Train management in implementing an innovation strategy in the organization 

2. Organization of a business with creative methods (12 hours)

* Develop an organization design of a business

* Deploy an analysis tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization design

* Compare the business design to other businesses in the market

* Improve the organization design by engaging employees and management

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